Toxic Foods to be careful with for Christmas

Toxic Foods to be careful with for Christmas

Wishing all our Pets and their Families a peaceful & happiest of Holidays! Looking forward too 2016!!!!!

The week of Christmas is always VERY busy with gathering of family & loved ones, opening of gifts, eating of holiday goodies, & a change of the regular schedule as many people have extended time off work for the holidays. Don’t get so caught up in the festivities that you forget about keeping your dog safe. Most vet clinics are closed as well, so an accident this time of year becomes even more expensive as the only medical attention available is an emergency clinic.

Many of our family holiday foods are toxic to dogs including: nuts, fatty foods, sage, bread dough, onions, grapes, & Chocolate to name a few. So if your dog is mingling with your guests make sure to pay attention where THEY are leaving their plates. And consider restricting access to your kitchen trash can if you aren’t going to take it straight out to the dumpster as the “throw aways” may be too tempting for your dog to resist.

The vast majority of holiday accidents can be prevented entirely with some simple management & planning ahead.

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