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Taking your “Labradoodles by Cucciolini” Puppy Home…

This will be your puppies’ first car ride and they may also be nervous in a new environment with new people and your new puppy may become car sick during the first few rides in a car. We recommend taking another person along to hold your new puppy or use a dog carrier. Keep open […]

A Healthy Puppies First Year

10 questions to help you grade the veterinary hospital you’ve selected 1. What are the hospital’s business hours? Do they fit your schedule? 2. How many veterinarians are at the hospital? 3. Can you see the same vet on each visit? 4. What advanced equipment and procedures does the hospital offer? Dental X-ray? Orthopedic surgery? Ultrasound? 5. […]

When should we cut dogs nails?

The clicking of your dog’s nails on the hardwood floor should not be a call to action to book an appointment with your groomer. Nor should you wait for the next time his doggy aroma signals bath time, to think about trimming his nails. Unless you visit your groomer every four to six weeks, his […]


Dog illnesses come in all shapes, sizes and disguises! And if your puppy or dog gets sick it’s worrying, even frightening. Plus, because he can’t tell you how he feels (or what hurts) it can often be tricky to figure out what’s wrong!  To make matters worse, a young puppy or un-vaccinated dog can get […]