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Below you will find all the affordable dog grooming services that we offer as well as pricing for Large dogs only. We’re located in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada.


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About our service

Grooming by Cucciolini is independently and locally owned business by pet owners and lovers who are professionally dedicated to your pets care. As a dog groomer, we specialize in maintaining your dog’s appearance and well-being. We believe regular grooming is essential to a healthy pet. We’ll give your furry loved one personalized, hands-on care.

We pride ourselves on making you, and your animal feel as comfortable as possible while they’re with us. In doing that, we strive to have your pet groomed in a timely fashion, so no waiting around all day!

We at Grooming by Cucciolini take scheduled appointments with you and your dog, on a day and time that works for you. We of course also take appointments on Saturday’s for those of you that work, and can’t pick up and drop off your dog within a four hour time frame.

We do have kennels at our salon for those dogs that prefer the security of solace, or for those pooches that are not as friendly as others.
Call 416-407-9007 today to schedule a consultation to discuss your pet’s grooming and health needs and get tips to ensure your pet stays looking fabulous.

Dog Health

Brushing & Combing

Several brushing and combing sessions a week will keep the average Doodle neat and clean; daily attention is even better. Brush all the way down to the skin, letting the massaging action stimulate blood circulation and loosen and remove flakes of dandruff. Then go through the coat with a comb to make sure you have no mats or knots anywhere.

Ear Care

Dog ears are perfect places for parasites, yeast, and bacteria to easily hide and thrive.  Ear care for dogs is an extremely important part of their overall grooming and with just a little maintenance your dog’s ears can be kept clean and healthy.  If left untreated, ear infections in dogs can cause skin lesions from constant scratching, irritability, and even loss of hearing.  Another debilitating condition is vestibular syndrome.  Very similar to human vertigo, this condition affects the dog’s balance causing them to stumble, vomit, and lose control of balance.  Ear care for dogs should be a part of their overall grooming regimen and weekly schedule. Keeping up with weekly ear cleanings is the best way to prevent your pet from suffering from any of these ailments and will keep your furry companion much happier.

Your Dogs Nails

Maintaining and trimming your dogs nails will benefit their overall health!  Long, overgrown nails can become uncomfortable or even infected, causing numerous health problems.  Ingrown, broken, or split nails will make running and walking painful and difficult and can have long lasting negative effects on bones and joints.  The longer your pet’s nails grow, the longer the quick ( the vein inside of the nail ) will grow too, making it more difficult to trim the nails without cutting the quick.  You should be trimming your dogs nails every 3-6 weeks depending on their activity level and weather they walk on concrete or only on carpet.

Dogs Dental Health

Your dog can’t brush his own teeth, and most dogs aren’t in favor of you brushing them, either. But oral hygiene is a critical factor in your dog’s overall health; bacteria introduced by tooth or gum disease can travel though the bloodstream and cause problems to more serious organs, such as his heart, kidneys or liver. A nice long gnaw on a raw, natural bone can remove surface dirt and bacteria on exposed teeth. Knuckle or marrow bones are a top choice because they are softer and gentler on the teeth. Avoid excessively hard items — such as hooves — as well as cooked bones, which can easily break. Be sure to monitor your dog as he chews, and remove the product when it become small enough to pose a choking hazard.








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