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Dogs and Essential Oils!

Essential oils are widely used by a range of people and they can have very beneficial effects, so you may be interested to know if you can use essential oils to benefit your dog. Well the good news is that there are quite a number of essential oils for dogs that can be used to […]

Seasonal Allergies: Dogs Feel It, TOO!

SEASONAL ALLERGIES:DOGS FEEL IT, TOO! Is your dog scratching more than normal? It could be seasonal allergies! They just react differently than we do. HOW HUMANS AND DOGS DIFFER HUMANS Runny nose Itchy eyes Excessive Sneezing DOGS Smelly ears Skin irritation Excessive paw licking FIND THE SIGN THAT POINT TO ALLERGIES: Learn to spot the […]

When should we cut dogs nails?

The clicking of your dog’s nails on the hardwood floor should not be a call to action to book an appointment with your groomer. Nor should you wait for the next time his doggy aroma signals bath time, to think about trimming his nails. Unless you visit your groomer every four to six weeks, his […]

Apple Cider Vinegar: A Holistic Remedy for Dogs

The age-old home remedy of apple cider vinegar has all kinds of uses—both internal and external—for dogs. What’s new in holistic pet care? Try apple cider vinegar—or, as its fans call it, ACV. OK, it isn’t new, but this centuries-old product is enjoying new popularity in canine circles. Those who are old enough remember when […]

Protecting Your Labradoodle From Dangerous Cold-Weather Chemicals

Winter weather is here, which means another round of snowy and icy weather is affecting pets in many parts of Canada and  the United States. Although there are few things more beautiful than freshly fallen snow, storms that bring cold, snow and ice can also put your pets at risk. Follow these safety tips to […]