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Taking your “Labradoodles by Cucciolini” Puppy Home…

This will be your puppies’ first car ride and they may also be nervous in a new environment with new people and your new puppy may become car sick during the first few rides in a car. We recommend taking another person along to hold your new puppy or use a dog carrier. Keep open […]

Are you thinking of buying a dog?

Everyone that has a dog will tell you how brilliant they are. Who can resist the charm of a puppy, the feeling of success when your dog actually sits when you tell it to, or the over the top tail wagging you get just for walking in through the front door? However, you need to […]

Dog Ownership

Dogs are attentive, loyal, life-affirming, and understanding companions. But owning a dog means taking responsibility for him and making sure your relationship is built on a solid foundation. That’s where these rules come into play: They can help you create a tighter bond with your pet by establishing roles, rules, and routines. Love, admire and […]

How Can I Get Rid of Dog Breath?

Your dog’s breath stinks because there is a build up of odorous bacteria in his mouth, lungs or gut. If your dog’s breath is consistently smelly he probably needs better dental care. However, it could be that there is something wrong in his kidneys, liver or gastrointestinal tract. Smaller dogs are especially prone to plaque […]

Brushing your Dog’s Teeth

How to brush your dog’s teeth Your dog’s teeth have a lot of work to do. Dogs use their mouths for more than just eating; they use them to play, explore and taste a lot of their surroundings too. So if your dog’s teeth aren’t properly cared for, it can start to cause problems. If […]

We have reached 500 likes through our Facebook page

We have reached 500 likes through our Facebook page. Thank you to all of our followers for your support and Love..Thank you everyone..!! Please share this with your friends !! Lets get up to 1000 LIKES !!!! A Big Thank you to everyone for Liking us, Commenting & Encouraging us 🙂 🙂 Mainly in Loving […]

27 Toxic And Dangerous Foods To Avoid Feeding Your Dogs

“Labradoodles by Cucciolini” republished this article with permission from “The Goody Pet“ Most dog owners know that ingesting chocolates are bad (and potentially toxic) for your dogs. But did you know that there are more foods that you should avoid feeding to your dogs? Not only can these foods cause health problems, but they can […]

Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes and Organic Treats

Organic Dog Treat Recipes These treats have a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and meat your dog will love. By purchasing organic ingredients, and sticking to low-sugar and low-fat options, you can keep your dog healthy as well. Peanut Butter Cookies Dogs love peanut butter, and these cookies are a great way to sneak […]

A Healthy Puppies First Year

10 questions to help you grade the veterinary hospital you’ve selected 1. What are the hospital’s business hours? Do they fit your schedule? 2. How many veterinarians are at the hospital? 3. Can you see the same vet on each visit? 4. What advanced equipment and procedures does the hospital offer? Dental X-ray? Orthopedic surgery? Ultrasound? 5. […]

My DOG – Nutrition

A quick check inside a dog’s mouth reveals that they have both molars and incisors, which means they are omnivores. Dogs can get nearly all their nutritional needs from fats and proteins, but as any dog owner with a compost pile will tell you, their four-legged family member will always look to self-supplement their diet […]