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Are you thinking of buying a dog?

Everyone that has a dog will tell you how brilliant they are. Who can resist the charm of a puppy, the feeling of success when your dog actually sits when you tell it to, or the over the top tail wagging you get just for walking in through the front door? However, you need to […]

Choosing a Male or Female Dog

The differences between male and a female dogs can be very apparent, and it is important that you choose the gender that best suits your family lifestyle. Make sure that you don’t choose the gender of your new dog because of availability, otherwise you might be disappointed. Pros and Cons of Male Dogs In general, […]

Prepare for Your Labradoodle Puppy

Bringing home your new puppy is one of the greatest joys! Planning ahead and having what your new puppy will need are keys to a successful beginning. While it is great fun to buy lots of toys and pet beds and cute collars for your new family member, the greatest gift that you can give […]