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Choosing a Male or Female Dog

The differences between male and a female dogs can be very apparent, and it is important that you choose the gender that best suits your family lifestyle. Make sure that you don’t choose the gender of your new dog because of availability, otherwise you might be disappointed. Pros and Cons of Male Dogs In general, […]

Tips for Helping Your Grieving Pet

When an owner or fellow housemate passes away, dogs show signs that could be interpreted as grief. They may experience: •    loss of appetite •    change in sleep patterns •    crying •    searching •    a need for extra attention •    a generally sad demeanor But you should also note you may not witness any of […]

Types of Puppy Anxiety

Just like humans, puppies can suffer from anxiety disorders. Often, they suffer from separation anxiety, although sometimes they can suffer from social anxiety and noise anxiety. You can discern the difference based on the triggers and your pup’s response to those triggers. TYPES OF PUPPY ANXIETY Social anxiety is the result of a lack of […]

Tips for Helping A Child that Is Afraid of Dogs

It’s wonderful to see children and dogs grow up together and the benefits for both can be huge.  However it can be challenging at times trying to manage a puppy and very young children, so we have some advice to help ensure that everyone is kept happy during this exciting time! Some children are afraid […]