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Choosing a Male or Female Dog

The differences between male and a female dogs can be very apparent, and it is important that you choose the gender that best suits your family lifestyle. Make sure that you don’t choose the gender of your new dog because of availability, otherwise you might be disappointed. Pros and Cons of Male Dogs In general, […]

We have reached 500 likes through our Facebook page

We have reached 500 likes through our Facebook page. Thank you to all of our followers for your support and Love..Thank you everyone..!! Please share this with your friends !! Lets get up to 1000 LIKES !!!! A Big Thank you to everyone for Liking us, Commenting & Encouraging us 🙂 🙂 Mainly in Loving […]

Information on Labradoodles

Breed: Labradoodle Temperament: Affectionate, full of personality and gentle with children. An active breed. Child compatibility: Good with young families. Obedience train early. Grooming: Depends on how much the breed sheds. Some will shed a little, some more often. Those that don’t shed require regular clipping. Activity level: Will cope with a run in the […]