Adoption Application

If you are interested in adopting a puppy, please fill out our Adoption Application prior to contacting us, once Application is received and Approved that is when I will contact you and confirm availability and also that I can accommodate your request so you can go ahead and leave a deposit depending on availability of a puppy at that time not before. We are better able to match you with a litter when we have more information. Once we have your application, we will review it and be in contact with you within 24 hours. The pet price of our Labradoodle puppies is $1,950.00

We breed our puppies with complete care and concern for their health and temperament . We want them to find a forever home.
So we ask everyone to read our website , visit us if possible , fill out this form and honestly look at the cost of raising a puppy into old age . These puppies will be with you for over 10 years . Be honest with your self and get a puppy for all the right reasons . We promise to help you select the pet for you and your family and remember all deposits are non refundable.
Thank you for taking time to do this and we look forward to hearing from you. Please see our testimonials at:


Adoption Application

If you prefer, you may download the application for printing by clicking the “print” button below, and mail it with your deposit.

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    Full Name


    City, State, Zip

    Home Phone

    Cell Phone

    Email Address

    Are you interested in:

    A family petA breeding dog

    How did you hear about Labradoodles by Cucciolini?


    Please note: While your preferences are very important to us, and will most certainly be considered, the litters conceived will dictate what is available. We cannot guarantee that all of your preferences will be available. However, we will make every attempt to provide you with the puppy of your dreams!

    Is there a specific litter in which you are interested in?


    If yes, which litter?

    Gender Preference:

    What size(s) are you interested in:

    Please mark the colors you are interested in:

    What coat type do you prefer?

    Family Information


    Type of home:


    Do you have children?

    If yes, what are their ages?

    Do you have other pets?

    If so, what type and temperaments?

    What is the energy level of your family? Very Calm (1) to Very Active (5):

    Does anyone in your family suffer from dog-related allergies?

    If yes, to what extent?


    Are you prepared to invest the time and care to raise a puppy?

    Are you willing to commit to Vet-care for the life of your dog?

    Will you commit to feed your dog ONLY high-quality dog food?

    Are you aware of a Doodle’s grooming needs?

    Are you interested in further training of your dog in fields such as: (Check all that apply)

    Do you understand that if at ANY time you cannot keep your dog,
    you are not to release him/her to the Humane Society or Animal Shelter

    Instead, we ask that you contact Labradoodles by Cucciolini for help in re-homing your puppy.

    Will you agree to check in periodically and send us updated
    pictures and reports about your labradoodle?

    Do you agree to let us post your pictures and updates on our website?


    I certify that the information provided on this application is true and correct. I am also financially and physically able to care for this puppy. I understand that proper food, veterinary care, grooming and obedience training can be costly, and I am able to meet these requirements.

    By signing below, I acknowledge that I have completely read this questionnaire, answered to the best of my knowledge, and confirm my intention to purchase a Labradoodle puppy from Labradoodles by Cucciolini.

    Online Signature (Type your full name)


    Please use the following space to detail out any additional comments:

    Pay Online

    Note: Please do not send a deposit until your application has been approved and we are able to accommodate your request. Please visit our Application page if you have not already done so. Please leave a deposit through PayPal below or through E-Transfer for the deposit or balance to

    using the generic password “Labradoodle“!

    Puppy Deposit $600.00 plus 3% is $617.70

    Click the button to make a non-refundable $617.70 Deposit for your Labradoodle
    (please note,the service charge of 3% is included in the online payment)

    [nicepaypallite name=”Puppy Deposit” amount=”617.70″]

    Pay Balance $1,350.00

    Click the button to make your $1,350 payment.
    (please note, an additional service charge of 3% will be added for online payment)

    [nicepaypallite name=”Pay Balance” amount=”1250.00″]

    Pay Full Amount $1,950.00

    You can also pay in full for your puppy ….

    (please note, an additional service charge of 3% will be added for online payment)

    [nicepaypallite name=”Pay Full Amount” amount=”1850.00″]

    Pay Full Plus Shipping $2,350.00

    Click the button to make your Full $2,350.00 payment

    (please note, an additional service charge of 3% will be added for online payment)

    [nicepaypallite name=”Pay Full Plus Shipping” amount=”2350.00″]

    Pay Shipping $450.00

    We do not ship our puppies as cargo. Sometimes it’s cheaper to fly in and actually “pick up” your puppy and have it ride coach with you in the cabin. The pup must still be confined to a small carrier but will not be in cargo. The cost to deliver your puppy can range between 450.00 & 700.00 depending on the location, and dates of availability. The earlier the arrangements are made the better price we can get. This price would include the health certificate, travel crate, tickets needed for the flight and any misc travel expenses needed to get you puppy to you.

    All travel fees must be paid in advance. Once reservations have been made and a confirmation email has been sent to you.

    (please note, an additional service charge of 3% will be added for online payment)

    [nicepaypallite name=”Pay Shipping” amount=”450.00″]



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